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Gaming backpacks from the Chinese manufacturer Fantech are characterized by high-quality workmanship and unprecedented ergonomics. In addition, these are stylish and fashionable gaming accessories that harmoniously complement any look. It’s convenient to take them to an educational institution, on a trip, on a hike and even a movie theater. The gaming backpack Fantech Gaming Backpack BG-983 is just such an accessory.


Features Fantech Gaming Backpack BG-983

The novelty presented in the new season is already popular among Ukrainian consumers. The success is due to the fact that the manufacturer is well-versed in the world of the gaming industry and knows what a real gamer needs. The innovative model has the following competitive advantages:

  • spaciousness with a small size - 470 x 320 x 170 mm;
  • rich black color, interior decoration consistent with the brand concept;
  • convenient zoning;
  • the minimum weight for this group of backpacks is 0.78 kg;
  • reliable wide belts;
  • comfortable security system (chest strap);
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • durability and wear resistance;
  • several volume controllers.

The stylish accessory is made of durable waterproof ballistic fabric (nylon), used for the production of army tents and backpacks. Rubberized zippers and high-quality fittings allow you to keep the equipment dry in any weather conditions. The optimal shape for the backpack provides an even distribution of weight, which is very important for young people who care about their posture.

How to use a gaming backpack

Fantech backpack models allow you to hold a huge number of different devices, saving them from damage. The owner of the backpack will freely place in it a laptop, headphones, phone, chargers for gadgets, a power supply for a laptop computer, flash drives, disks and much more, without which it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern gamer. In addition, a stylish accessory has a compartment for personal items. If you are going camping or going to an Internet cafe to chop into your favorite game, you can grab not only your favorite power engineer but also a warm sweater. It is worth noting that a laptop backpack has a huge number of internal pockets that allow you to store expensive devices without additional covers. Almost all compartments are equipped with reliable zippers.


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